Don’t Worry, Brian Tierney Won’t Own The Inky And Daily News Again, BUT ED RENDELL MIGHT!


… but we just figured we’d run the old BTPOD just to scare the hell out of everyone anyway. (AHHHHHHHHHH!!!) Really, though: Tierney “told [Poynyter] by phone that he has moved on to other business ventures and has no interest in regaining control. He added, though, that since Sunday‚Äôs news broke, he has heard from several wealthy Philadelphians who indicated they might participate in a local ownership group and make a bid.” (AHHHHHHHHHH!!!)

However, as of Friday, it looked like Rendell might could step into the fray, with no less than Johnny Doc as a business partner, which could possibly make the Inky the first newspaper ever owned by people who do not know how to read. Which, okay, is even more terrifying than Brian Tierney re-entering the fray. OR, it could be just the kind of fresh breath of “We’re Philadelphians, too, so fuck you” air that the unions who’ve been slowly killing these papers for years need. We can’t tell. It’s a mess and you don’t care anyway. Let’s go dig up some shit about catbreading for you.

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