Mayor Nutter Proves That You Can Say “Asshole” On Fox 29

And here is where we petition for “Don’t act like idiots and assholes” to be the new slogan of the city. It’ll catch on.

  • schmapty

    I still like “Be joyouse but don’t be a jackass.” from the 2008 World Series as my favourite Dude-ism.

  • schmapty

    or joyous

  • The Drama King

    Thank you sir Mayor (have a) Nutter.

    you’d better believe I thought that was clever enough to repeat.

  • chuck63

    I think Wonder Mike has his eyes on the statehouse and he sees how this kind of “straight talk” plays locally and nationally when used by Gov. Christie across the river. I don’t have a problem with the content or the style, just making an observation.

  • schmapty

    I don’t know. Nutter has been talking like this for years. He called Tom Knox a scumbag during the 07 primary, he told Phillies fans not to be jackasses, and not this. Wonder Mike may have larger aspirations but I don’t see this as campaigning.

  • steveeboy

    I dig him. he’s got a ton of crap to deal with, but he still ain’t a total phony. and that is better than most pols. he still needs to learn a new rap song though…