Rob McElhenney To Develop Book Sammy Hagar Loves Into TV Pilot

Local success story (and former fat guy) Rob McElhenney will be the showrunner of a new pilot greenlit by Fox. The show is based on Philly local and Temple grad Dan Dunn‘s book, Living Loaded, about Dunn’s life, “[getting] paid to run around boozing, carousing, and getting into all manner of trouble, all in the name of covering the ‘adult beverage beat’ for one of the most iconic brands on the planet, Playboy.” Of the book, Sammy Hagar says, “Dan Dunn’s writing is like kick-ass, balls to the wall rock n roll cranked to ear-bleed levels — makes you feel great and really pisses off the neighbors. I can drink to that!” Hagar then entered the machine he built that is just like the one that turned Steve Urkel into Stefan Urquelle on Family Matters. He emerged as Guy Fieri.

The show based off of Living Loaded will detail the life of a hard-partying blogger who has to change his career plans when he becomes a radio host. McElhenney will be showrunner, while It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia executive producer Rob Rosell will executive produce, along with Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton. Dunn has signed on as supervising producer.

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