Readers Write: A Modest Proposition Regarding Black Moses And Your Philadelphia 76ers

We need to get ahead of this Sixers mascot thing or it’s going to be a disaster. My idea is Black Moses. He doesn’t really do anything except come out at a certain time during each game with the ten commandments of Philly Ball. We do a video with John Cheney, Jimmy Lynam, Billy Cunningham rocking his aviators and double breasted blue blazer, Fran Dunphy, Herb Magee, Sonny Hill, Dr. J, Mo Cheeks, Moses, Barkley, etc. Where they are agreeing on what are the 10 commandments of Philly Ball. Not Sixers ball, but Philly ball. Tie the way the whole city balls into the commandments. When they finish, they call Black Moses into the conference room, hand him the tablets, then he walks out and appears in the stands while his TSOP theme song cranks.

Black Moses, your new 76ers mascot. Let’s do this.

You know, we gotta say: Our loyalties will always be to Big Shot, of course, but this Black Moses thing? It’s brilliant. The best part is, if the new 76ers ownership doesn’t do it, what’s to stop an enterprising superfan from simply becoming Black Moses?