In Case You’re Already Freaking Out And Losing Your Mind: The No-Pants Subway Ride Is This Sunday

For the second year in a row, this Sunday, a bunch of people will ride the subway pantsless. We mention it because this is something different than the usual pantless subway rides, which happen throughout the year, one masturbating homeless person at a time. And also, because we love step number six in this chain of instructions:

1. Meet at City Hall at 3PM. At the top of the double spiral staircases that lead into the subway. That entrance is located on the West side of City Hall, at the cross section of 15th and Market.

2. We’ll take the orange line South to Ellsworth Federal, then

3. Transfer, take the orange line North to City Hall,

4. Cross onto the blue line with our pants still off, and

5. Transfer up to 69th.

6. At 69th, put your pants back on and transfer however you need to get home.

That, friends, is what she said.

  • schmapty

    Someone tell Chitwood so he can get all “no in my town pantless scumbag” on them.

  • rascal b. schuylkillian

    sounds like a ringworm epidemic waiting to happen.

  • schmapty

    The after party is at Cheers across from the terminal.

  • schmoe

    Scripted spontaneity and canned hijinks ensue! Way to slap the meat in our eyes, kids.