You Childhood Dreams Have Come True: You Can Play In A Skeeball League In A Bar Now

This was always our dream in that weird “I don’t actually have a grasp on what being an adult is like” way from our childhood, but now it’s a reality. United Social Sports is bringing adult skeeball leagues to East Falls and Center City, at Franklin’s and Buffalo Billiards. USS claims to take care of all of the set-up work, including, “ordering the team uniforms, creating schedules … arranging drink specials at the bars for the post game activities, [and] organizing happy hours and special events.”

And you know those tickets that shoot out of the game when you score? “Those tickets are good for free drinks.” More information and registration can be found here.

  • schmapty

    What, sitting in a bar and bullshitting isn’t enough for you?

  • The Drama King

    Any word on being able to save the tickets to get a 14 inch TV or at least an enormous stuffed animal?