A White Christmas In Philadelphia Is Unlikely

According to the Inquirer, we can all but kiss the idea of a White Christmas goodbye this year. At best we’ll get a little bit of rain in the area, but likely nothing at all. Since 1958, Decmber 25th has only begun with more than an inch on the ground seven times, and an inch or more has fallen on Christmas only three times. For a full breakdown of the snowfall of past Christmases, go here, but it doesn’t happen often. And in a year where we nearly had a White Halloween (thankfully not a Whiteween ), a dry December is pretty bizarre.

But we’re still holding out for a white New Year.

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  1. kiitymaki Says:

    I’m more than holding out, I’m praying, dancing, chanting, channeling the ghosts of the 72 Flyers for cold cold cold weather. Snow or no snow I just want the game to be better than the chippy mess in Pitt last year.

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