Philadelphia Is Nation’s Top “Judicial Hellhole” For 2nd Year In A Row

According to the American Tort Reform Association, Philadelphia is, for the 2nd year in a row, classified as America’s biggest “judicial hellhole.” According to Business Insurance, the annual report by ATRA, “highlights jurisdictions where the civil justice reform group holds that ‘judges systematically apply laws and court procedures in an unfair and unbalanced manner, generally against defendants in civil lawsuits.’” Ouch.

The report said Philadelphia, “‘hosts a disproportionate share of Pennsylvania’s lawsuits’ and … forum shopping for plaintiff-friendly courts within the state is primarily a ‘Philly phenomenon.’ Of greatest concern is the Complex Litigation Center in Philadelphia, where judges have actively sought to attract personal injury lawyers from across the state and the country.” Ouch again.

The full text of the report can be found here, but trust us, it’s a big-time bummer.

9 Responses to “Philadelphia Is Nation’s Top “Judicial Hellhole” For 2nd Year In A Row”

  1. Stacker Says:

    Since when did Philebrity take such a conservative lean. The tort reform is the very epitome of a conservative created bogeyman and the groups behind the movement are nothing but corporate astroturfers.

  2. Sonny Says:

    While Mr. Corcoran should probably be the authority on this, it should be noted that that those in the pursuit of tort reform have an inherent antagonism toward places where juries come back with verdicts for the plaintiff, and some might argue that’s a credit to our town. It was here that Pfizer was ordered to pay $73 million to three women who took the company’s drugs in good faith and came away with breast cancer. Just a thought.

  3. Walter Sobchak Says:

    A family member of mine was on the unfortunate receiving end of this recently. Frivolous lawsuit by a professional plaintiff who kept changing her story, yet got a nice payday out of it.

  4. tcrowell Says:

    It should be noted that ATRA was explicitly formed by big companies — including tobacco companies — to stop class action lawsuits.
    Not a huge shock they’d be against letting people sue them for making unsafe products/falsely marketing products/lying to Congress.

  5. MattyMo Says:

    Wow. I could not be any more disappointed to see this post on Philebrity than I would be if you guys endorsed Rick Santorum for President. These reports are trumped up by huge corporations and the extreme right wing. They’re goal: To be able to sell dangerous products that hurt, maim, and kill the little guy — and prevent him from obtaining any redress in the courts. The concept of “frivolous litigation” is a myth. Cases without merit get dismissed. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls any lawsuit a huge corporation loses “frivolous.”

    See here how the McDonald’s Hot Coffee case — long the poster child for so-called frivolous suits — was anything BUT frivolous.

    Please … a little background research before you post.

  6. MattyMo Says:

    Ahem “They’re” = their. Thanks.

  7. Zombie Larry Says:

    hey mattymo, reform is needed. the goal is not to “To be able to sell dangerous products that hurt, maim, and kill the little guy — and prevent him from obtaining any redress in the courts.”

    The goal is to eliminate frivolous lawsuits by people looking for a big payday.

    I guess I am a economic consrvative but not regarding social aspects but this needs to be done. How many people do you personally know who have had a lawsuit payday? Me, far too many.

    My own sister sat on a jury on a bogus slip and fall and they still awarded the woman $100,000 because even though they didn’t believe her, she looked like she needed the money. WTF? That shit needs to stop.

  8. bjorn lewsir Says:

    I love the anecdotal evidence ZombieLarry…

    Here, let me try: My girlfriend was a member of the jury for a civil trial where some evil corporation screwed over some innocent people and got away with it.

    I suggest you watch that Hot Coffee movie.

  9. MattyMo Says:

    For real, Zombs Lar. Taking away Americans’ Constitutional right to a decision by a jury doesn’t seem “conservative.” It’s radical (in the anarchy sense … and not in the 1980’s half-pipe sense).

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