R.I.P.: Beth Case, 1967-2011

We were deeply saddened to learn that alt-country musician Beth Case (pictured at left) passed away over the weekend after a long, tough battle with cancer. Many will remember Case as one half of the popular local duo She-Haw, who were a staple of Philly’s thriving alt-country scene in the 1990s. Along with co-hort Amy Pickard (at right), She-Haw employed a style of harmony that could be fun, sweet and powerful — sometimes, all at once. And in addition to having a fan base that stretched both outside their chosen genre and all the way to the UK, She-Haw also bore the (all-too) unique distinction of being a female act in a scene dominated almost entirely by dudes in flannel shirts, and handled it with class, distinction and aplomb. For her part, Case was possessed of a smoky voice that had range and style in spades — she was also a witty raconteur and genuinely, deeply fun person to be around. (For those curious, you can download She-Haw’s critically acclaimed 2001 release, Not About Love, here.) Our thoughts are with Beth’s family, friends and fans during this time; if any memorial or related info comes our way, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

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