Byko Will Not Shut Up About His Ambivalent Feelings Regarding Sex Tourism In Thailand

bykoGUESS WHO’S BACK! That’s right, you smelly hippies, it’s your old pal Byko! Now listen! Before I go any further, you should all know that it’s been a weird fucking time for me lately! Like, even weirder than my last 40 years living in this burg as the unofficial ball sweat inspector of Philly media! So if it’s been weirder than THAT, you can understandably surmise that SHIT HAS BEEN PRETTY FUCKING WEIRD, OK?! So you know what the old man said: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro! So here’s what I did: I WENT TO VISIT MY COLLEGE BUDDY WHO MOVED TO THAILAND BECAUSE HE LIKES TO FUCK! And I ain’t saying what he likes to fuck because that’s none of your beeswax, and besides, one of the first things I learned here is that fuckin’ is fuckin’! And if fuckin’ is business in Thailand — and oh, IT IS — BUSINESS IS FUCKIN’ GOOD! FUCK! And so I wrote this here article about it! Is this piece a paean to sex tourism?! A cry for help?! I ain’t saying, but one thing is for damn sure: You can bet that disabled the comments on this shit! Fuck me! It’s the single weirdest thing ever published on this site, the Inky, OR the DN! And they have published some pretty weird shit over the years! And only some of it by me! But this is positively Sandusky-ish! SO WILL YOU BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY IT’S BEEN A WEIRD FUCKING TIME FOR ME! SHIT! It really has! But don’t worry about your old pal Byko! BYKO’S GONNA PUSH THROUGH!

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  • MichaelJackSauce

    Can we speculate as to what Byko’s personal hurricane is?

    I think he’s bummed we never got that second 9/11 he wished for.

  • sorryboutyourdaughter

    I knew he was pissed about the bike lanes, but didn’t realize he was fucking-underaged-boys-in-Thailand pissed about it.

  • MichaelJackSauce

    I would suspect Byko is okay with statutory rape so long as it is not Al Fresco.

  • Zombie Larry

    Yikes. I had a client years ago that went there regularly for sex. He asked me outright to provide him with hookers to maintain his business and I told him to fuck off.

    Apparently he took my advice because he ended up marrying a Venezuelan prostitute and moving there.

    Sex trade is nasty and most of these slimeballs are not after regular run of the mill sex.

  • sorryboutyourdaughter

    Best/worst part of the article is the photo caption: “Stu with Paul DeCeglie, an old Brooklyn College buddy who finally succeeded in getting…”

    I can’t think of any possible ending to that sentence that doesn’t make me throw up a little in my mouth.

  • phillygoat

    Maybe he was all Shane McGowan about it and went running out in the street instead

  • stevejones

    Boyko is just a Wally…

  • amarikah

    If you hover over the picture with your mouse, it’ll complete the caption: getting the columnist to visit him in Thailand.