The CA Conrad Story: Philly Mag’s Side

When we reported yesterday that poet CA Conrad had been escorted out of Philly Mag’s offices, we honestly weren’t sure if it was a legitimate gripe he had with the mag, if he was making some kind of statement, or even something along the lines of performance art. Well, we still don’t know, but now we have Philly Mag’s side of the story.

In a blog posted by Tom McGrath at The Philly Post, he says, “Unfortunately, Mr. Conrad was apparently not happy with the inclusion of the Mummers on our list of “10 Things We Need to Get Rid Of.” In fact, he was apparently so not happy that, on Wednesday night, he began posting comments on our Facebook page. And not just one comment, but multiple ones.” He reportedly spammed the Philly Mag Facebook with so many posts in so little time that he was banned from posting after he was offered instead to email his concerns. In his last message before being blocked, Conrad said, “I SWEAR TO GOD THE MOMENT YOU BLOCK ME IS THE MOMENT I APPEAR AT YOUR OFFICE AND I GO DOWN TO THE MUMMERS MUSEUM AND BRING STRING BANDS TO PLAY ON MARKET STREET OUTSIDE YOUR MAGAZINE’S OFFICE!!!!!!!!!” He’s a man of his word. He showed up at the Philly Mag offices a bit later (no string band in sight though) and demanded to speak to the person who ran the Facebook page. He was then removed from the building.

You can read Conrad’s side of the story here, but we don’t really care who is right or who is wrong here, we just love pretty much everything about this. Also, we’re kind of wondering what it would take for someone to come down to Philebs HQ and do that to us.

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  1. nopantsdecember Says:

    occupy philebrity?

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