Dept. Of I Would Rather Be Kicked In The Groin One Thousand Times: There’s Going To Be A Rocky Musical

The movies were great. And by “great,” I mean, “great.” But we must all recognize at some point that there is a darkness within the Rocky DNA that tells humans to exploit the fuck out of Rocky, even when it makes no real sense to do so. (Like, say, for instance, that fucking monstrosity on the PMA steps that shall forever stand as a cast iron reminder of our own low opinion of ourselves.) And so there will be a Rocky musical. Here is the good news: It’s opening in Germany. And it probably won’t make it here. Until the next Fringe Festival. Please commence to the groin kicking now, as I have other things I’d like to get to today.

  • Timo

    I’m writing a German language opera remake of Rocky, but from the point of view of Rocky’s brother-in-law. It’s entitled “Der Kampf des Paulie.”