Okay, We Now Realize That Dude We Made Fun Of Once Is Actually Awesome

A while back, we posted this Readers Cameraphone unaware of the backstory, but now, thanks to The Daily Mail of all places, we have that backstory.

The man behind the mask is Eric Smith, a man who may be known better as the dude behind Geekadelphia, and his story begins in the harshest of ways:

Eric Smith had bought his girlfriend of three years the engagement ring she always wanted – a canary yellow diamond atop a white gold band.
He had spent a customarily large amount of money on what he believed would be a symbol of their love for decades to come.
But the woman he was about to ask to be his wife had other ideas. She had met somebody else, she told him, as the ring sat hidden inside his pocket.

Eric had spent $2,000 on that ring, and now had nothing but a very expensive reminder of a very painful time. Or as Eric much more eloquently put it to the Daily Mail, “‘There are few sentences in the English language that can be as painful as the phrase ‘I’ve met someone else.’
One example he gives is: ‘I’m nailing the hell out this tool I met in karate class and while we’ve been driving in my car, you and I have been listening to the terrible mix CD he made me and now you’ll never be able to hear Alkaline Trio without wanting to f***ing kill yourself.'” So after allowing the ring to sit in his sock drawer for too long, he sold it on Ebay for what turned out to be nearly the exact cost of a bespoke Halo Master Chief costume.

In what is now a very popular blog post, Smith said, “This wasn’t as sudden or spontaneous as it sounds. The Halo armor was a long time coming. For years, I’d mused over the idea, driving my closest friends mad. One day when I have the money, I’d say, thinking about that canary yellow diamond. I have to be responsible right now.” Smith also has a few words for those who look at a man in costume and think a certain way: “Within that shell, whether its made of cardboard, plastic, fabric, fiberglass, or steel, hidden away there is a figure worthy of attention. It’s the person who put all their heart and soul into a project, and now they’re wearing their work all over them.”

So next time you see him walking around town, give the dude a high five. And if he’s in the Master Chief costume, give him a weaker high five, you don’t want to knock him over and break his costume. It is, after all, quite top-heavy.

5 Responses to “Okay, We Now Realize That Dude We Made Fun Of Once Is Actually Awesome”

  1. the_ill Says:

    Heh. I saw this floating around the web, but never clicked any links. I had no idea he was local.

  2. Haywire Says:

    He should join up with a local charity and give out toys to kids.I think kids would get a big kick out of Master Chief handing them a toy.

  3. schmapty Says:

    I’m still going to make fun of him.

  4. krisis Says:

    I cannot believe this photo has run twice now without an in-post shout-out to Britt :)

  5. Helene Prescott Says:

    haha i remember when he came into food and friends where I was working at the time. I can’t remember if he got beer there, but I can’t imagine carding him haha :)

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