Today In #occupyphilly: And Then There Was Poop

>>>As we mentioned earlier, Police made two more arrests at Occupy Philly yesterday and found, “someone painted the concourse walls below the plaza with feces and graffiti.” Painted with feces. They’re nothing if not artsy. According to The Daily News, “City officials gave the occupiers a blank permit for a possible new location for their protests” and asked them to bring a proposal to the city. On top of this, the DN reports that police at Dilworth are met with chants of “Death to Pigs!” and Police Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan said, “If there was a triggering incident, it would be easier to understand. But nothing’s happened.” The piece also says that there have been some tensions between original occupiers and what they claim to be anarchists within their midsts. In addition, a few people are currently occupying the free speech section of Independence Mall, even though they cannot stay there. So you know, consistency on all fronts.

>>>A big problem with the public opinion of the occupiers at Dilworth is that they’re standing in the way of jobs. In an opinion piece in the Inky, the numbers we’ve hard before are echoed: “the Dilworth makeover would mean more than 800 union construction jobs over a 27-month period, and a smaller number of permanent jobs when the plaza work is completed.” And it’s not only here, according to Talking Points Memo, the opinion is flipping on the Occupy movement in NYC and as a whole. According to a poll they conducted, 45% of those polled were opposted to OWS, compared to 36% last month. Support numbers also dropped slightly.

>>>WHYY’s Newsworks posted an interview with George Ciccariello-Maher, Assistant Professor of History and Politics at Drexel University, about how the city can deal with a leaderless movement, and how the communication between to two actually works. It’s a brief and worthy listen.

>>>According to AllVoices, a man showed up at Zucotti Park yesterday in full, Philadelphia Police uniform. The man did not give his name but identified himself as a retired Philadelphia Police Chief who now spends his time being a, “gentleman farmer.” He caught the attention of Police officers, but doesn’t seem to have been arrested.

>>>And finally, according to Philadelphia Weekly, Citizens Bank Park workers who are trying to get a new contract with Aramark were joined by OP protesters for a march on Aramark’s HQ. The workers, who were last seen protesting outside CBP during the Phillies’ short playoff run, marched to Aramark chanting and holding signs, and upon arrival presented an Aramark rep with a letter to management. They were told that Aramark would get back to them.

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