Attn. Sharon Pinkenson: All We Ask Is That You Get Us One Meeting With Noah Baumbach So The Corrections Isn’t Filmed In Portland

A passionate reader wrote to us late last night:

So Noah Baumbach is directing Jonathen Franzen‘s The Corrections. You need to do some kind of — oh I have no idea what — to make Philly court this damn thing so they film the Philly stuff (the uptight brother in Chestnut Hill! The lesbian sister in South Philly! THE PIER RESTAURANT where I guess Sugarhouse is now?!?!) gets filmed in Philly and not on some stupid Hollywood sound stage.

I’m sick and tired of never seeing my OG city on film, or the teevee. DO SOMETHING.

You’re goddamned right, friend. Whaddya say, Pinkenson? Can you make it happen for us? We’d be happy to advise: We’re huge Baumbach fans going all the way back to Kicking & Screaming, and we feel like we might be able to convince him. FOR REAL, SHARON! HALP!

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