HUD Charges Parkway Condos With Discrimination Against The Disabled

Not a good look, The Philadelphian. Just in over the wire:

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced today that it is charging a Philadelphia condominium association with violating the Fair Housing Act for refusing to revise its “no pets” policy as a reasonable accommodation for condominium residents with disabilities who required assistance animals. HUD’s charge alleges that The Philadelphian Owners’ Association (POA), which manages the 776-unit Philadelphian condominium complex, required that residents provide burdensome and invasive medical documentation before requests for accommodation would be considered, severely limited access to the complex’s facilities for residents accompanied by assistance animals, and failed to address several instances of harassment of residents requiring assistance animals.

At issue: “a resident who alleged that the POA denied her request for permission to have a medically-prescribed assistance dog, threatened her with fines and other sanctions for her failure to comply with the restrictive policy, and did not address her concerns over harassment she had experienced from her neighbors because of her assistance dog.” LAME.

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  1. schmapty Says:

    Typical Fairmount!

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