Noontime Nuggetz: Time-Lapsin’ With The Fossils!

Have you had a chance to stop by Jenny Sabin’s Greenhouse and Cabinet of Future Fossils at Fifth and Chestnut yet? You really should. Standing in the Jefferson Garden, just across from its sponsor, the American Philosophical Society

[the] ecologically savvy structure re-envisions greenhouse architecture using digital design tools. It is also a striking work of art.

Made of recycled and recyclable materials, the 52’-long structure has no glass and requires no heat. It is supported by curving, structural ribs that hold up 110 translucent, jewel-toned cold frames (mini-greenhouses) filled with edible and ornamental plants. The 2’ x 1’ x 1’ cold frames are removable and portable, intended for winter gardening in small urban spaces.

It’s really cool. In the clip above, you can see it being built in time-lapse over a week or two last month.

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