Commentroversy: You Do The Police No Favors When You Stick Up For Them And Accidentally Make Our Eyes Bleed In The Process

Since it’s been in the news again, our post from August 1, “Man Arrested For Photographing Police In Rittenhouse Square”, is still drawing comments. This one came in over the weekend, and, well:

southphilly Says:
September 3rd, 2011 at 11:03 am
First of all your 23; your not a kid and you broke the law when the officer ordered you to walk in the other direction. Its clear you have no respect for law enforcement and you where out there looking for trouble. I respect the police for all there hard work and keeping me safe; its not hard to do what your told and you could have enjoyed your day in the park instead of going to jail. Do you know how many philly police officers have been killed in the line of duty over the past three years what about their civil rights and the civil rights of the widows, children of these officers. Let me ask this kid who’s he going to call when he needs help; im sure he will be glad to see the police show up. When you found this couple did you ask them how many times they where arrested in the past; im sure this was not their first. One day your going to photograph the wrong person and find that camera jammed some place uncomfortable and then you might learn your lesson. Proud Philadelphian and supporter of the PPD

We have to wonder: Who ARE these people? Look at that spelling and punctuation. We know there’s a larger issue here — namely, some snotnose college kid who seems annoying but nevertheless did not deserve to be thrown in the hoosegow — but Jesus, if you’re going to stick up for The Man, at least come correct on the “not making a copy editor’s eyes bleed” front.

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  1. the_ill Says:

    Oy. I give you credit for being able to read that whole thing.

    Seems to me that if you truly support a person/entity, you should provide push-back or constructive criticism when they are flat out wrong or could handle themselves better.

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