The Daily News Covered The Cops Vs. Cameras Debate

Over the holiday weekend, The Daily News ran a cover story about the whole cops vs. cameras thing we covered a little while ago. The kid who sent us that letter a while back was featured in a sidebar which we can’t find online, but the whole story is worth a read anyway.

One Response to “The Daily News Covered The Cops Vs. Cameras Debate”

  1. princeisawesome Says:

    This has got to stop. It is absolutely a violation of the First Amendment for these police officers to arrest people for recording them. For decades now police have had cameras in their patrol cars and these videos have been very effective. If these officers are doing their job by the book, they shouldn’t be so upset to be on camera. There outrage only raises the suspicion.

    Oh, and if it’s a federal offense, then cite it. Read it to me and tell me which one it is by number cause quite frankly, that’s a fucking lie. And as these court proceedings play out, I think we’re gonna see just who was breaking the law here.

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