Hey Look, It’s Glasg…I Mean, Philadelphia

As you know, Brad Pitt‘s World War Z, “based on” the book by Max Brooks (son of Mel), is currently filming in Glasgow, Scotland though set in Philadelphia.

The Glasgow City Council has been tweeting out pictures of the city set, all Philadelphia’d up, from their official twitter account. On Location Vacations has gathered the pictures tweeted so far to show a glimpse of the “Philadelphia” we’ll see on screen. In addition, our own tipster sent us a few pictures that show a little more of the Philadelphia specific details of the set. Take a look at the pictures after the jump and let us know what you think of “Philadelphia,” Glasgow style.

  • schmapty

    In a way this is better than them filming in Philadelphia.

  • tsarstruck

    That’s an amazing replica of City Hall. You think they’d bother to get the cross streets right, though.

  • shawnkilroy

    ya know what?
    i read this book and it doesn’t take place in Philly.
    it takes place all over the world from about 25 different unconnected perspectives.

  • shawnkilroy

    i do, however, wish it was being shot here. Fuck Pennsylvania.

  • taskermorris

    this almost makes up for all the times they’ve made philly look like NYC for movies.