More Bandcamps We Like: Auctioneer + Royal Shoals

Oh, there is a lot to love about Dirty Water, the debut EP by Philly’s Royal Shoals. Boasting exes from The Ropers, Saturday People, and Public Record, the Shoals dive deep into a pool of post-punk influences that we wish more bands would feel comfortable in — we’re talking Orange Juice, early James, Mighty Lemon Drops, Miaow and so on here. (Real back pages of NME circa mid-80s stuff here, the kind we’ve been geeking out on since, well, the mid-80s.) But Royal Shoals are not a retro excercise: They just know what they like, and with all apologies to those other bands, this has a more fun spirit than what you might have found in prime Thacher-era Britain. You might even dance to this. You can check Royal Shoals out in person when they play Kung Fu Necktie on August 26th with Brown Recluse and Arc In Round.

All we really know about Auctioneer is that it seems to be the creative outlet for one Craig Hendrix and that Birdie Busch posted this, their latest EP, on her Facebook wall yesterday, and we’ve been digging in ever since. Picking up on what is now a tradition of moving to Port Fishington and writing songs about it, the Auctioneer EP picks up with a handclap-propelled track called “Aramingo,” then quickly moves onto a mature take on the kind of march-through-the-fog-of-adulthood sound that used to make you love that band Karate. We’d venture to say Hendrix has more going on here than post-math-rock musings; he’s blessed with a voice that’s deep but not necessarily somber — there’s even some big rock Flaming Lips/U2/Radiohead nods happening here. Gigs? Not at the moment. It seems like, as of this writing, Auctioneer exists solely on Bandcamp. Which, right now, is plenty good enough.

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