And Now, Today’s GOOD NEWS: West Rockland Street, Showin’ ‘Em How It’s Done!

About two years ago, Hope Campbell, Ainé Doley, Emaleigh Doley, and bunch of neighbors on W. Rockland Street in Germantown got together and decided that they’d need to take a new tack in combating blight and other problems on their block. Instead of relying solely on the City of Philadelphia and/or a larger neighborhood association to address a myriad of problems on their block — ranging from litter to illegal dumping to dangerous blighted properties and so on — they’d band together, as a block, to help “revolutionize” their street. So far, so good: As chronicled on, the people of W. Rockland Street have so far cleaned up their block, led a planting “grow this block” effort, and even managed to get some of those blighted properties knocked down. (They’ve also been featured on CNN, 6ABC and the Inky.) But just as important: They’ve also gotten to know each other, formed a true working community and interacted with city agencies and other local neighborhood groups. If anyone is out there living on a block they love but wish it could get it’s act together, here’s a fantastic place to look for inspiration.

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2 Responses to “And Now, Today’s GOOD NEWS: West Rockland Street, Showin’ ‘Em How It’s Done!”

  1. partytrainfolgers Says:

    A truly inspirational blog… I have known the Doley sisters since high school. Even back then they were socially conscious and community oriented. Refreshing to see that with a little persistence, you actually CAN get things done in Philadelphia!

  2. gtownradioboy Says:

    Getting it done in Germantown is especially commendable. Thank you to both of them.

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