Dept. Of Who Are The Ad Wizards That Came Up With This One: With Love, Philly Ads Running On Travel & Leisure Piece Declaring Us The 2nd Dirtiest City In America

Sometimes we like to think that GPTMC is in the throes of a Brewster’s Millions-esque panic where, if they don’t burn a certain amount of money in a certain space by a certain time, someone’s going to murder an entire breed of puppies. And so it goes with this Travel & Leisure pieceTravel & Leisure, by the way, being second only to Forbes when it comes to entirely unscientific bullshit desperate needy hit-grab listicles like this — which declares us to be the second dirtiest city in America. Complete with a full rack of “With Love, Philadelphia” ads. It made us want to write one of our own:

Dear Travel & Leisure,
You’re going to be in business for another 18 months tops, because you are a print magazine with no real ideas. Please enjoy these ad dollars from us, and good luck refinancing your homes and finding new jobs. Fuck you.

With love,


6 Responses to “Dept. Of Who Are The Ad Wizards That Came Up With This One: With Love, Philly Ads Running On Travel & Leisure Piece Declaring Us The 2nd Dirtiest City In America”

  1. Larry Says:

    You know what? Can we at least AGREE WE HAVE A PROBLEM?

    It’s been like this for 4 years. We’re one of the ugliest, dirtiest cities in the country, and there isn’t a lot that’s changed. Granted Nutter is pushing for more trash cans and recycling, but at the same time there aren’t increased fines for littering, no one is enforcing anti-littering laws, and while we may all for one day agree to clean-up the city out of the entire year… it isn’t an ongoing thing.

    We need to start doing something, and personally I’m not sure what. We’re one of the dirtiest cities in America. Lets just accept that and improve ourselves from there.

    As for style… meh.

  2. rascal b. schuylkillian Says:

    Whether Philly is number 2, 4 or 7 on the list, as unscientific as the list might be, its true – Philly is full of lazy ass littering fucks. The ghetto jerks in my neighborhood think storm drains are where empty huggies and rap snack containers belong and chicken bones are meant to be tossed on the sidewalk.

    Just recently, at Broad and Federal, I observed a car at a redlight. The driver (mother) handed the child riding shotgun a bag of trash that was promptly thrown out the car door…somebody else will clean it up, right? It’s hopeless.

  3. mufffin Says:

    yeah, the drainage grate I saw last night completely caked over with trash under the girard stop seems a particularly damning example

  4. barryg Says:

    Philly isn’t ugly, but it’s really dirty.

  5. heatmiser Says:

    Philthadelphia is the dirtiest city I have ever lived in and I’m from Detroit. It’s time to accept we are dirty and everyone needs to clean up, not just the 5 people who care about their block or neighborhood. Lil Hugs and potato chip bags are on my lawn everyday.

  6. mcclept Says:

    It takes two hands to type
    we all have hands and know when trash day is.

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