Musical Rumblings: Weird Hot Friendrock Edition

>>> Every couple of years, filmmaker/musician/Philebrity commenter Shawn Kilroy comes at us with a new record or band, each more elusively vibe-y than the one before. This week, he unveils his newest creation, Weird Hot, a seven-piece band playing its debut album, Casimir, on Thursday, at Johnny Brenda’s with like-minded locals Gemini Wolf. We’ve cued up Casimir on this fine afternoon, and we have to say that, though it doesn’t bear all that much resemblance sonically, Weird Hot reminds us of Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven-era Love & Rockets. It’s not goth, but it’s not not goth, either. Kind of how The National is like that, too. It’s moody and sexy, cosmopolitan and homegrown all at once. It’s totally its own thing. Casimir is coming out on Philly’s new Ghost Imprint label, a new venture between Kilroy and Jamie Mahon of the Three-4-Tens, which is so new it doesn’t even have a website yet. Check out this track:
Mimeograph by Weird Hot

>>> Attn. people making summer playlists, beach drive mixtapes, what have you: Download Nightlands’ cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Trouble” and do please consider. [Pitchfork]
>>> And lastly, keeping it all in the hood, stay tuned for our announcement regarding Waterfront Wednesdays in Penn Treaty Park next month. Here’s a teaser: Philebs is doing a REGGAE SOUNDCLASH!

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