We’re Pretty Sure The Whole JC Dobbs Documentary Was Made In iMovie

Still, though, George Manney‘s doc on legendary South Street music venue JC Dobbs does tell a valuable part of the story of Philly freak history. According to Manney, who’s done plenty of time as a local musician here, “Meet Me On South Street: The Story of JC Dobbs documents the evolution of Philly’s fertile music & arts subculture in the 1970’s until the sad closing of JC Dobbs in 1996.” This here’s the official trailer; we’ll let you know when screenings happen.

  • http://cinedelphia.com cinedelphia

    Yikes! I’ll watch it though…

  • http://www.southfellini.com tonytrov

    I’m really hoping for a full history of South Street.
    I was looking for more a detailed history a while back but nothing like this really exist :-/

  • BenOnTen

    I keep meaning to go check out the “new” Dobbs, but every time I look at their current live calendar I go, ‘um….yeah… uh.. no’.