Of Course Ed Snider Is An Ayn Rand Wingnut

sniderThe plot thickens with that whole Left Behind-style Atlas Shrugged movie we’ve been talking about: Turns out, Ed Snider executive-produced it! Snider, perhaps taking a page from Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s recent forays into Hollywood, told the Metro, “They tried to make this film for 50 years. Hollywood did not want to make this movie because it did not adhere to its liberal agenda.” Which then triggered his Pavlovian Tea Party response: “The United States is now a mixture of capitalism and socialism.” Okay, guy. Groan.

7 Responses to “Of Course Ed Snider Is An Ayn Rand Wingnut”

  1. arcticsplasher Says:

    I know Mr Snyder wouldn’t want to be called out as a hypocryte stuck on welfare, so I guess he’ll be returning the $30 million dollars of public money Comcast received to build the giant USB memory stick at 17th and Arch and appoloogizing for the cable television monopoly this city guaranteed him for so long.

  2. chuck63 Says:

    Mr. Snyder and his buddies seem to be doing JUST FINE under this evil combo of capitalism & socialism. How the fuck can somebody with a net worth of $300 million and who lives in THIS house (http://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/ed-sniders-house/view/?service=1) gripe about the system under which he obviously flourishes?

  3. Allan Smithee Says:

    re: Snyder gripe about the system under which he obviously flourishes

    He’s obviously upset about having to pay the servants instead of owning them.

    Not too be confused with Trump Tara.

  4. jburnside Says:


    Ed’s house is nice but I prefer the neighbor’s to the right however, Ed has a tennis court and the neighbor doesn’t. Decisions, decisions.

  5. chuck63 Says:

    JB…I hope you understand that I do not begrudge anyone the success they find in this absolutely amazing (if imperfect) country of ours as long as it does not come through nefarious or underhanded or despotic means. This country enables the achievement of wildly fantastic goals without resorting to the degradation of our fellow citizens or their communities. I will continue to despise those who realize success without adhering to those basic guidelines.

  6. azar.habib Says:

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  7. Hi Says:

    so.. a full year and a half after this shitty blog post… can you critique some of Ayn Rands ethical principles or are you just a typical “She’s a greedy bitch!” type of pseudo-intellectual. i would assume the latter.

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