Readers Cameraphone: Rocky Statue At Last Attended To With The Exact Form Of Mockery It Deserves

For once, all is right in this world.

Honestly, there should be a person on staff at PMA whose job it is to see that Rocky is always kept in exactly this condition. Until that bright morning comes when we can just destroy the fucking thing altogether.

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    I LOVE whoever did this! I hate that there are always dumb ass tourists taking photos in front pf that thing, when right at the top of those stairs is a world renowned art museum! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kernel

    Have you ever stopped and watched the tourist at the statue on a warm summer day? They get in huge line maintained by a street hustler that charges them to take pictures w/ the statue and a pair of boxing gloves he lends them for the picture.

  • lunah
  • artphil

    Yarn Bombing by

    That Street Hustler is a genius.

  • chuck63

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the best games in town is to watch the folks waiting to cross the Parkway at Eakins Oval and guess where they are headed once their light turns green: art or Rocky?

  • barryg

    Hilarious and appropriate, but tips, you consciously lost the Philly accent and now you want to get rid of Rocky altogether? Why so ashamed of your heritage?

  • tips

    The accent and Rocky are two separate issues, Barry. I lost the accent because it’s nice to be taken seriously when you speak. The Rocky thing is just tacky.

  • @RobertTheGenius

    I think the shirt on the Rocky statue is funny and clever. I also think the writer of this post is some dorky art snob. Why would you want to destroy the rocky statue? The movie won a academy award therefor it is art and it glorified Philadelphia. The Rocky statue is iconic and synonymous with our city. Some people have no taste and some are born losers who write for philebrity.

  • annie


  • Rob N

    I liked it the first time in 2008, when they put pink panties on him.

  • PooSteam

    Fuck Rocky and fuck the Rocky statue. I’ll take a Burt Young or Carl Weathers statue instead. Fuck even a Tommy Gunn monument would be more awesome.

  • shawnkilroy

    Some people have no taste and some are born losers who write for philebrity.

  • jme0909

    Sadly, that statue is usually the only thing worth seeing in that area.

  • Timo

    They should put the statue in front of Rocky’s house at 1818 E. Tusculum St. Let the tourists go there.

  • iamdante

    That’s actually a pretty good idea. Maybe the folks at Greensgrow or Philadelphia Brewing Company could create some kind of marketing program.

  • mentiras

    I passed by yesterday. The pink shirt did not stop folks from lining up for pics.