Brain Trust: Post The Most Grotesque And Awful And Hilarious Erin Express Shit You See Today Here

If you’ve been outside today, you already know: The entire city has just turned into the lamest frat party ever. We know you’re gonna see some shit. Please tell us about it. It will help you to get it off your chest.

  • the_ill

    i observed a lot more people that were too drunk to stand walking through the city wearing stupid hats and stupid glasses last saturday than today.

  • John V.

    Green vomit on the green line.

  • haleyrichter

    Erin Express themed wedding at Drexel Park. Bride, groom, bridesmaids, best bros all wearing something green and holding green solo cups. Very classy.

  • lord_whimsy

    I make a habit of lying low this time of year. I always get racially profiled and accosted for my (“me”) gold. To which, I say the following:

  • peterc

    Area Applebee’s restaurants are offering $2 green beer specials on Thursday. Because nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like $2 green beers at Applebee’s.

  • shawnkilroy

    The “Irish” horde on the parkway.
    Here’s the uniform:
    jeff cap
    some piece of union clothing or,
    some piece of green clothing or,
    some piece of clothing that actually says “Irish” on it, in case anybody gets confused.
    red face
    fat, sad wife
    4 sad kids

  • Rob N

    I just wish white college kids could drink, where and when they want to in this city, including in the street in the morning, without getting picked on. For one freaking day.

  • Kernel

    Rob N, that sounded serious… is everything OK?

  • the_ill

    haleyrichter wins (loses?) for having seen that