Joan Krajewski Is Offended? F That, WE’RE OFFENDED

City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski (pictured), who is essentially the Gollum of 6th District politics and has a voice like a body bag being dragged down a gravel road, has gone out on a political limb and blasted Spencer’s Gifts for selling dopey Irish drunk t-shirts. Krajewski, who’s of Eastern European descent but also claims to be “part Irish,” says the shirts are offensive. Actually, though, she’s wrong. The shirts are merely stupid. What’s offensive is running for reelection, “retiring” for 24 hours to collect your $297,466 DROP retirement payment and then returning to work the next day. That’s what fucking “offensive” is, Joan Krajewski.

5 Responses to “Joan Krajewski Is Offended? F That, WE’RE OFFENDED”

  1. the_ill Says:


  2. Juliana Says:

    constantly impressed by your ability to compare public figures to lord of the rings characters with such accuracy. seriously.

  3. friendlynerd Says:

    “voice like a body bag being dragged down a gravel road”

    That is brilliant imagery my friend.

  4. schmapty Says:

    I’m offended by people saying they are Irish/part Irish as if it were a legit ethnicity. You’re white and American. Shut up and take off that ugly hat.

  5. PooSteam Says:

    I’m offended by the words Pollock and DROP.

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