Readers Fwd: At South Street Whole Foods, The Beginning Of What Could Only Be A Beautiful Relationship


You know, you see things like this, and it begins to become clear how much of a miracle it is that anyone ever gets together at all.

  • philthydan

    Not to self: do not buy day old ciabatta loves at whole foods today.

  • schmapty

    I’m always farting in that whole foods. Its my thing.

  • philthydan

    I like to fart on escalators, so the guy behind me glides right int it.

  • MichaelJackSauce

    Her quick denial is proof positive that she supplied it.

  • chuck63

    I like how he describes her body as “near-perfect”…I am curious as to how he would describe her flaw(s).

  • lord_whimsy

    Actually it’s a promising start, when you think about it.

  • peterc

    Did philthydan mean to write “day old ciabatta loves” in his response, or was that a perfect example of typo poetry?