Nutter Nabs The All-Important Tom Knox Endorsement

knoxIf nothing else, let this be a lesson in two things: How much people will humor you if you’ve got enough money, and two, realizing that and knowing when to quit. And so it comes to pass that Tom Knox (pictured), whom 57% of Philadelphians did not recognize in a poll despite spending $13M on a campaign in the last mayoral election, will not be running against Mayor Michael Nutter. Knox now joins the ranks of Sam Katz and just about every other Philadelphian who’s not running for mayor, thus leaving Nutter at this moment running basically unopposed, unless you count Milton Street (we don’t) or Republican John Featherman (ditto). It’s a bizarre situation, given an ongoing dialog out there right now, debating whether or not Nutter’s first term was even worth a damn. If nothing else, though, Knox’s bowing out — which he’ll formally announce this morning at the Bellevue, alongside Ed Rendell, who’s also (surprise) endorsing Nutter — robs this blog of nearly a year’s worth of “Tom Knox, who he?” jokes. We’ll remember this, Knoxy. Or… not.

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  1. phils08 Says:

    Regardless of how worth a damn Nutter’s first term has been, history shows that he could have done far worse and still been reelected. Goode bombed a neighborhood, Street was investigated by the feds, and both of those guys coasted to reelection against high-profile opponents. Seems like the would-be challengers have learned not to even try.

  2. phils08 Says:

    …not to mention Rizzo coasting to reelection despite all manner of scandals. And somehow Jim Tate was mayor for 10 years, but has a 5 line Wikipedia bio, even though he beat Arlen Specter. I mean, he must’ve really been something special…

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