Jim Kenney Wants To Give The Philadelphia Parking Authority The Power To Check Business Licenses

Not content to, say, sue the Internet or introduce the most fucktarded bicycle legislation ever, City Councilman Jim Kenney (pictured) is now introducing legislation that would give the Philadelphia Parking Authority legal domain to check whether owners of work vehicles have proper business licenses. Citing any number of fly-by-nighters who may be around, taking work away from legit businesses, as his reason, Kenney’s legislation ignores one very basic fact: That you’d have to trust PPA to do it. Which you can’t.

Kenney’s bright idea, of course, comes at a time when City Council election season is ramping up, with Kenney but one of several incumbents running for one of seven at-large seats. And like his previous forays with bikes, tow trucks, and uh, the Internet, Kenney will get the headline with the BPL/PPA idea, but at what cost? When this blog first started, we regarded Kenney as one of the few smart cookies on Council, but in the last few years, he’s become a headline-grabbing rabble-rouser in much the same way as the dreaded Frank DiCicco; in a way, he’s part of the problem, pushing service legislation and throwing himself in front of the cameras in a way that often feels dumb and manipulative. In Philly City Council, though, that’s almost a guarantee of re-election, so perhaps the takeaway here is: Aspiring City Council candidates, take note.

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  1. RoadLessTaken Says:

    Really? The PPA? That’s a bit like trusting the keys to your liquor cabinet to your teenaged son! I’ve lived in Philly for all of 18 months and have multitudes of crusades down to Parking Court for tickets issued to me for a car I don’t own, for a tag I don’t have, for parking in an area that doesn’t exist…. Yeah, let’s give PPA more power!

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