Now Go Be A Good Philadelphian And Put Some Julius Harris Up In Your Netflix Queue


Before he passed away in 2004, Philadelphia born character-actor Julius Harris was in over 70 movies and God only knows how many TV shows. We just noticed him last night while catching a re-run of Hell Up In Harlem (the sequel to the Blaxploitation classic Black Caesar), where he was amazing as Papa Gibbs. Turns out, among the scads of films and TV appearances he made, Harris was also the Bond villain Tee Hee (pictured above) in Live And Let Die — a dastardly dude sporting a hook, widely considered to be one of the more notable Bond villains ever. There’s a decent amount of Julius for you on Netflix, of which we plan to avail ourselves this winter. By the time it’s all over, we’re hoping we might able to play Six Degrees Of Julius Harris, O.G. Philly Big Poppa.

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