“Portland Is Where All Young People Go To Retire.”

We’re not sure if they’ve exhausted every joke they could about Portland already in the first episode, which includes an appearance by (YES!) Steve Buscemi, but Portlandia looks hilarious. You can now watch the first episode here, but the show premiers on IFC on January 21st. We have a feeling the show might prove to be overly uncomfortable, but this Dream of the 90s video has us hooked. We’ve seen clips of what’s to come, and it includes a bit of what we like to make fun of here in our own beloved city, like bike polo, wool sweaters, and an obsession with humane, farm raised chicken. The thing is… we’re not sure we like Portland. We’ve never been there. At times it feels like some sort of sister city, other times it seems to be bit of a west coast rival. We’re losing a lot of our friends to its temperate climate and cloying ways, and at least this show now exists to make us feel a little bit better about it.

PORTLANDIA’s inhabitants include but are not limited to: the owners of a feminist book store; a militant bike messenger; an artsy couple who attach cut-outs of birds to everything (“put a bird on it!”); an organic farmer who turns out to be a cult leader; an adult hide and seek league; and a punk rock couple negotiating a “safe word” to help govern their love life.”
IFC: Portlandia “About The Show”

2 Responses to ““Portland Is Where All Young People Go To Retire.””

  1. shawnkilroy Says:

    there are no black people in Portland, you’d hate it.
    Otherwise, i think it’s quite lovely.

  2. kernbot1 Says:

    Portland – i’ve heard it called philadelphia west?

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