The Following Post Is In No Way An Endorsement For Drew Lazor In The 2010 Philebrity Awards

We’re just pointing you to it because A) it’s the first time anyone made a video about how they should win a Philebrity Award and is therefore notable and B) shame on you all for letting Han from Han Dynasty fall so far behind in the Phoodie Of The Year category that it’s now down to Lazor and The Buttercream Lady. Also, not for nothing, why do the City Paper offices look like the inside of Chris Farley’s soul?

Polls close at 3PM. Do the right thing.

  • PhillyChitChat

    He should win based on those deplorable working conditions (how old is that computer on his desk). At least the cupcake lady has a sweet ride, and when she’s not being towed it’s a pretty nice place to hang your hat.