Non-Profit Of The Year: Mural Arts Program

New Musical Artist Of The Year: Sun Airway

City Publication Of The Year: Grid Magazine

Festival Or Gathering Of The Year: Making Time w/ LCD Soundsystem

General Excellence In Writing For A City Publication: Tara Murtha, Philadelphia Weekly

The Philebrity Award For General Fabulousness: Mike Meech, The Fightins

Business Of The Year: PYT

Phoodie Of The Year: Drew Lazor, City Paper/Meal Ticket

Outstanding Do-Gooder(s) Of The Year: Victim Witness Services of South Philadelphia (VWSSP)

EXCOMMUNICATION: Pukemon/The dude that cut the dog in half Northeast Philly/The guy who hooked up with Christine O’Donnell

Congrats to this year’s winners and all of the nominees! And thanks everyone for voting! Join us at the Troc tonight for…

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Meanwhile, you can see how the final votes came down here.

  • CityMaps

    No comments of protest overnight? I guess ALL readers were out at the pageant…

  • grontain

    shit can i still put in a vote for CA Conrad’s Book of Frank?

  • amc4232

    So what’s the deal with the fightins? Is it done for?

  • guest77

    i’m surprised the LCD show won best event with all the issues it had re: travel to/from the show, and the fact that A LOT of people missed out on sleigh bells because they were stuck waiting in line to get in for 45+ min. not to mention it took 20 min to place an order at the bar, and even then there was a one-drink limit. all that, plus if you weren’t remotely near the stage, you couldn’t see more than the top of james murphy’s head. if i had to rank it, it’d probably be one of the worst events of 2010. i respect the effort, so i guess it gets good grades for that, but it seemed like the people who put on the show just weren’t prepared.

  • random1979

    I have to agree with guest77. The transportation was a big issue, especially after the event, when a bunch of us were stranded for two hours because the shuttle buses kept ignoring us. Fun times.