And Now, Your Morning Cliff Lee Mass Freakout


cliff· To be consuming local morning media in Philly today is to witness a kind of lovefest usually reserved for, you know, that time we actually won the World Series. But don’t get us wrong: WE ARE NOT COMPLAINING. The Fox29 Twitter account has been experiencing a grand mal seizure for about 8 hours now, Tourette’s-ing amazing facts about the deal. Kind of like everyone on Facebook!
· Meanwhile, the New York Daily News tried to soothe their readership this story with this LULZ-y attempt at a rain-on-the-ol’-parade story, only to run a poll wherein an overwhelming majority of readers are saying, yeah, Phils now have the best chance going at WFC 2011.
· Further proof that Ruben Amaro is an evil genius: Deal comes in the dead heat of Xmas shopping season. How many people you think are getting Phils tickets this year? (ATTN. MOM: HINT.)
· Yo, real talk: How much of this has to do with Yankee fans spitting on Cliff Lee’s wife back in October? There but for the grace of Pukemon go us.
· And somehow, this is all so much sweeter because of assholes like this who just had their whole worldview fucked with because somewhere, a man followed his heart.

4 Responses to “And Now, Your Morning Cliff Lee Mass Freakout”

  1. djlynnabraham Says:

    is it too late to add someone to the “Philebrity Award For General Fabulousness” lineup?

  2. barryg Says:

    “There but for the grace of Pukemon go us.”

    It’s gems like these, tips.

  3. blerg Says:

    Yeah, there’s gotta be some honorary award you can give to Cliff and/or Ruben, right? Also, can someone please find out what happened to The Fightins?!?!

  4. Patricio Says:

    Fuck New York.

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