Readers Cameraphone: What City Official Is Picking Up The Fumo Favors Torch?

One reader forwards us a note about a holiday party over the weekend near 25th and Brown that enjoyed a little something extra, courtesy of Philly’s finest:

“So a policeman comes to my door at 7 pm and tells me I have to move my car due to an impromptu temporary parking regulation. He was going door to door. Turns out it was so a city official neighbor could have a Christmas party and not have to worry about their guests finding parking. And this from a city that claims to be strapped for resources.”

At first glance, we thought: No, it can’t be! Did Fumo get out of jail? (He hasn’t, of course, but you will be happy to know that it’s on his mind.) But something about this — and especially the fact that it’s on Fumo’s old stomping grounds — made us wonder: After everything we’ve been through, what city official still has the stones to rock moves like this, everybody in their immediate neighborhood orbit be fucking damned? Philebrity readers, do you know? Tell us. Hell, what’s Christmas without a little shame?

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  • BenOnTen

    Take your pick..Could be any of old guard S.Philly’s well-connected mooks..Bill Keller maybe? Traffic Court Judge Robert Mulgrew? Some teamster boss? Mob guy? Not surprising with the perma-entrenched ‘its who you know’ culture there..Nice “legal” center of Broad St. parking BTW. Its ‘their’ world over there…So glad I moved across town.

  • crotchbat

    When I lived in Old City this happened all the time on Vine Street between 3rd and 4th for police officers’ and their friends’ weddings at the church there.

  • crotchbat

    and half the time they didn’t even end up using the spots…

  • vfiorillo

    If you ever want to do the same thing to YOUR neighbors, just call the Streets Department in advance 215 686-5525 and lie by telling them that you have a move scheduled for a particular day. Did this when we booked Gogol Bordello at Tritone and required a couple of spots right out in front of the bar for their vans.

  • guzzij

    It’s one thing to block off a space for a moving truck (bogus, or otherwise). It’s a whole ‘nother thing to block off both sides of an entire block… seriously, this is something in the ballpark of 40 (FORTY!) parking spaces. Personally, I couldn’t sleep at night if I tried to pull off something like this to my neighbors.

  • Handsome Pete

    The S. Philly old guard has moved to Fairmount?

  • yawnsy

    So does anyone know who this was? I’d like to contact their office.