This Moment In DrifterHouse: Bring Us The Asians!

Hey, everybody, guess who’s hiring!

Yep, you read that right. Having both handily conquered the toothless and easily claiming the local drifter populace, it’s looking like SugarHouse is moving on to their next target demographic: Asian-Americans, a group that studies have increasingly shown are in harm’s way when it comes to gambling addiction. Some could argue that this is capitalism at its finest; others could argue that it’s ghoulish/borderline racist; still others would say that it’s tacky. But here’s the thing: Someone will get hired to do this job, and they will do it. Say what you will, but Sugarhouse doesn’t hate the player, or the game — they get paid, in the end, by both.

4 Responses to “This Moment In DrifterHouse: Bring Us The Asians!”

  1. campmisty Says:

    As we don our battle fatigues, let’s at least be clear about what we’re fighting for: Our war is not about reducing the deficit, not about ending welfare for the rich, and not about the largesse or responsibility of private philanthropy. All we want is for Sugarhouse Casino’s myrmidons not to tell everyone else what to do. Sugarhouse Casino ignores the most basic ground rule of debate. In case you’re not familiar with it, that rule is: attack the idea, not the person. Are Sugarhouse Casino’s publications good for the country? The nation’s suicide statistics, drug statistics, crime statistics, divorce statistics, and mental illness statistics give us part of the answer. These statistics should make it clear that its disquisitions will have consequences—very serious consequences. We ought to begin doing something about that. We ought to embark on a new path towards change. We ought to spread the word that I am not predicting anything specific. I just have a feeling, an intuition, based on several things that are happening now that Sugarhouse Casino will build a totalitarian death machine one day.

  2. expat attack Says:

    I bet you campmisty is a killer Scrabble player.

  3. mazza313 Says:

    oi. i saw a cct connect van pulling in to the sugarhouse parking lot over the weekend. that depressed me way more than it should have….

  4. LB Says:

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