The Way We Were: Pelle Lindbergh Dies 25 Years Ago Today

As some of you who grew up Flyers fans might already know, today is the 25th anniversary of the death of Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh in a single car drunk-driving crash. One of our readers put Pelle’s legacy best: “With Lindbergh in net, the Flyers fell to the Edmonton Oilers 4 games to 1 in the Stanley Cup Finals of the 84-85 season, but hopes were high at the start of the 85-86 season that they would return to the playoffs and make another run at the Cup with Lindbergh in goal. Pelle’s season was cut tragically short when he slammed his Porsche into a wall near an elementary school in Camden County, NJ early in the morning of November 11, 1985.”

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  1. mBeck Says:

    I remember driving to the Meadowlands that morning to see the Grateful Dead and hearing this

    my little brother is a ice hockey goalie. this hit him hard. several years later he got to play in Pelle’s Spectrum crease during a local team championship (and won!)

    our family is a hockey family (fuck you Sarah Palin) who had season tickets from 1983 to 1991; saw the previous year’s Stanley Cup run with Pelle vs. Gretzky etc. that team was supposed to be a dynasty . . . .

    Let’s Go Flyers!

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