Students Take A Stand Against Asian Violence At SPHS

At the top of CNN’s homepage today, is this moving piece about students taking a stand against Asian violence. Thank GOD it looks like things are finally taking a turn for the better. CNN’s Sarah Hoye writes “The school’s principal resigned in May, security has been increased, and the school district has said there have been fewer reports of student assaults. . . . [T]he school’s new principal, Otis Hackney, says security at South Philly High is his top priority.” Good feelings (well… better feelings) are abound at SPHS. Even amongst all the kids who are standing up against violence, the school has lost dozens more, ones who gave up and just dropped out.

Meanwhile, Arlene Ackerman was named Best Urban Superintendent in the US by the Council of Great City Schools (It should be noted that she chaired their board until as recently as 2005-6). We are baffled as to what standards this award is based on. Oh wait, some of it has to do with how “under her leadership, half of all Philadelphia schoolchildren met standards on state exams.” So wait, 5 out of 10 kids can read? Great!  The comments on both of these articles are just face reddening, in both embarrassing and infuriating ways.

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