Noontime Nuggetz: Diplo’s Blackberry Ad

As shown during yesterday’s NLDS game. Before the hatred arrives, Dips, know that we have felt that pain. It tastes like caviar and new car smell.

  • dScan

    This really caught me off guard. It’s also surprising that he uses a Blackberry; he strikes me as one of those hip Droid/iPhone guys.

  • OhNoNotAgain

    Last year the phillies rode their motley crew of potential heartbreakers across the barren, snowy hell that is Colorado on TBS surrounded by commercials for George Lopez’s shit-eating grin. The only way any of it made sense: Taco Bell was selling a taco whose shell was the same color as the Rockies’ triceratops mascot’s soul.

    This year the common opinion across the land is that the Phillies will take the World Series before Columbus day, Conan O’Brien gets a blimp, and the only thing that DOESN’T make sense is that the guy responsible for Amanda Blank and Major Lazer can check e-mail with his phone.

    Blackberry Diplo: the anti-Black Taco.

  • Make Me Dance

    I am probably a hipster but definitely a blackberry loyalist. I also probably make more money than you.

  • schmoe

    Fuck this shit, have you seen Die Antwoord’s new video with a guest appearance from Diplo himself. Cocks. Everywhere.