Hey, Remember How We Were Telling You About How Those New Bike Racks Might Be Bad For, Er, Keeping Bikes?

It gets worse!

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11 Responses to “Hey, Remember How We Were Telling You About How Those New Bike Racks Might Be Bad For, Er, Keeping Bikes?”

  1. VulcanMike Says:

    I wonder if just a little bit of grease would get the tighter ones moving as well…

  2. sluggerB Says:

    If a crime spree ensues, I’m lookin’ to that kid in the red jacket first…

  3. LB Says:

    frankly, even without that demonstration, its pretty obvious that those things are faux-engineered design student bullshit

  4. BartridgeSpigglesworthenbottom Says:

    The funny part is that winter is coming. You can be assured that the two different types of metal, that in the pole, and the clamp, will contract at different rates. I don’t think grease will be necessary after a few really cold days…

    Plus – these things wouldn’t stand up to one hit with a hand sledge. Nice try city, but cheaping out means you get what you paid for. Would have been cheaper and more secure to just leave the meter heads on, and remove the coinboxes…

  5. bikecoalition Says:

    My guess is that it is easier to simply bust the lock and way easier to unscrew the sign post. You still may have break apart the hardware to free the bike from the rack element.

    That being said I would guess that some sort of countermeasure will have to be taken, perhaps drilling a bolt through the pole.

  6. stevebedrosian Says:

    Just curious – has anyone heard of an actual theft from one of these? I’ve used them a bunch without incident and I know they’ve been around in other cities (Baltimore) for years. Seems like the racks in the video were just incorrectly installed, which could probably be fixed?

  7. Josh Says:

    These are used in Baltimore, Seattle, Miami (in addition to Philly). Bicycling Magazine had a blurb on them this past month. Here is a link to the Seattle program:


    At least from the video, it sounds more like an installation problem then the rack itself.

  8. factman Says:

    I use these all the time and I’ve never found one loose.I am betting the guy in the video did something to it before he started filming. If you’re going to steal a bike, just bust the lock. It’s a lot easier and less suspicious than walking down the street with a bike rack attached to a bike. Kudos to the city, New York just sliced off their poles.

  9. drekfretwell Says:

    Bring back campmisty. Stop squelching dissent!

  10. CityMaps Says:

    Great for a 2 minute trip in to the store, bad for storing your ride overnight. It’s that simple.

  11. schuylkillsarah Says:

    Before anyone believes what this video implies, that all of Philly’s circle racks are defective, please read our blog post about this issue.

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