Musical Rumblings: Total Vibe Hangs, Pts. 1 Thru 4

>>> The Northern Liberties Music Festival 10.2 is this Saturday, and for once, the forecast looks amazing. (Knock on wood! Quick!) It’s an especially good thing, too, as this is one of the strongest lineups we’ve seen in forever. Total vibe hang.
>>> Super-awesome mellow fall album we can’t wait to dig into in its full 180gram vinyl glory: Philly boy/ex-Dark Side Of The Cop Marco Panella’s Eastern Landscapes, which is coming out later this month on Tequila Sunrise. Also a total vibe hang.
>>> Oh and did we mention TOTAL VIBE HANGS? Because that’s a good way to describe Party Photographers covering Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” on WPRB last week. Or this:

The Photogs play Kung Fu Necktie tonight, as it happens, with Thomas Function, Moon Women and Bad Cop.

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  • Richard Brian Penn

    Now that the summer is over, Philly will come alive again. Looking forward to it :)

  • rjk34

    you guys are so rad!
    NoLibs hipsters with their Urban Outfitters uniform and their Urban Outfitters messanger bikes!

    fuckin posers!

  • Nate

    (re: comment above)
    Where do these people come from?

  • tips

    I don’t know, but this guy in particular is delightful. Is a “messanger bike” like some brokedick version of a sybian?

  • rjk34

    it’s’ll grow up sooner than you think…you’ll wish you never got that’ll get married …shop at the co-op….really get into breathing….start to become better friends with your in-laws…trade that bike in for a Subaru Outback…
    ….But you’ll always keep your beard.

  • tips

    RJK34 is a bot.

  • BenOnTen

    So many swings..So many misses.

  • rjk34

    sweet brah…