Where Is The Glory In Being America’s Second-Most Bedbug-Addled City?

Where, we ask you? But no matter: Even with last week’s Terminix-funded list of America’s Top 10 bedbug cities — which put Philly at number two — actual tales of Philly bedbug horror elude us. (Then again, we alienated a lot of our friends in West Philly a long time ago.) Nevertheless, we do now live in fear of the bedbug, which feeds on human blood and can cause anemia, much like your present or ex-significant other. No one but you can help you the bf/gf, but today, some company somewhere just rolled out The Bed Bug Patch, which works much like the nicotine patch — which is to say, it probably doesn’t work. Oh, Bed Bugs: You come here, you irritate our skin, and you make us want to get STD tests. You really are from Brooklyn, aren’t you?

8 Responses to “Where Is The Glory In Being America’s Second-Most Bedbug-Addled City?”

  1. emmkay Says:

    a coworker recently told me a bedbug horror story about her husband playing poker in a bar and coming home all bitten up. based on where the bites were, they think it was bedbugs in the upholstery of the chair. i think the bar was in the chestnut hill area, but they didn’t name it. gross.

  2. barryg Says:

    I have also never heard of anyone having bedbugs in Philly.

  3. Nate Says:

    A friend of mine had her apartment in the western reaches of University City invaded (coinciding with arrival of new tenants next door) about a month before she was supposed to move out.

  4. lord_whimsy Says:

    Ran afoul of these little bastards in a London hotel years ago. I do know of a couple very stylish people in Philly who have had infestations.

    Apparently, bedbugs target the chic. Must be the glitter in their blood.

  5. julie.t Says:

    oh they’re for real. friends (in West Philly, not to feed the generalization) had to fumigate/wash/throw out everything they owned THREE TIMES and then move entirely before those things were gone. awful awfulness.

  6. Blue Light J Says:

    They were in my apartment in the Neast circa 2006. Everything was fine, then one day my roommate and I started getting bitten up in our sleep. We tossed our mattresses and fumigated the place, which seemed to work ok (but probably just sent them into temporary remission). Sometimes I wonder if they’re still in that place.

  7. valobstruction Says:

    i know someone who was hospitalized two weeks ago due to a massive bedbug attack in the parker-spruce hotel…

  8. betsy boss Says:

    OK. I’m going to admit it. I’ve had them recently. So did my neighbor above me. I live in center city. I don’t know how we got them. It was a maddening experience and I NEVER want to re-live it. I know a few people who have admitted to having them but it’s really just a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about.
    For those who have them or if you ever get them, here’s what we did to get rid of them (our landlord sucks and wouldn’t pay for an exterminator so we did it ourselves). We washed everything that could fit into a washer, dried everything on high heat, including things that couldn’t be washed…many, many times. Then put all non essential clothes, sheets, etc. into sealable plastic storage bags. We got rid of all of our rugs. Encased our mattress and dismantled our wood bedframe and switched to metal. We tried the non chemical approach solely but weren’t completely successful until we got an insecticide spray called Cyonara from do your own pest control. We ended up using a combination of the spray and diatomaceous earth. We had to do that treatment 2 or 3 times every 6 weeks. So far, so good. Knock on wood!

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