Musical Rumblings: Zombie Drug War Schmaltz

>>> Now, here’s a sentence you always wanna include in your bio if you can:

Rainbow Destroyer is an integral part of the zombie community in Philadelphia – a community fueled by the growing popularity of zombie crawls and proms, as well as George A. Romero’s recent return to directing.

That said, the tunes are really entertaining — think Ke$ha if Ke$ha would once and for all admit that she eats brains — and of course, Rainbow Destroyer (pictured, duh) will be performing during the Fringe Festival, when their musical, Zombies Are Forever runs at Ruba Hall on September 9th, 10th, and 11th. [RainbowDestruction/LiveArts]
>>> Meanwhile, the long-awaited sophomore album from The War On Drugs has been slated for an October 26 release. Entitled Future Weather, it’ll be out on the Secretly Canadian, and you can sample a track, called “Comin’ Through,” here. [SecretlyCanadian]
>>> And this Wednesday, the soundtrack to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will be released, revealing the identity of that shmaltzy title theme: It’s a little ditty called “Temptation Sensation,” by Heinz Kiessling, previously used for German sex ed films. It all makes so much more sense now. [Amazon/EW]

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