A Man Can Dream, Can’t He? The Quest To Bring The A’s Back To Philly

From 1901 to 1954, The Philadelphia Athletics were an American League baseball team that were, bar none and make no mistake about it, Philly’s most successful baseball franchise ever. They won the world series five times, collected even more pennants and boasted a string of Hall-of-Famers that included Ty Cobb, Jimmie Foxx, Connie Mack and even the young Shoeless Joe Jackson. Then, in ’54, they were sold, moved to Kansas City, and according to local baseball fan JT Ramsay, have never quite captured the dynastic fire they had here in Philly, where they thrilled thousands at Shibe Park. “The A’s are a nomadic franchise, and they’ve been trying to get a new stadium for a while, and Oakland [where the A’s call home today] is not interested,” he says. “So they’ve been testing the waters in places like Fremont, Sacramento, and San Jose, so I figure — to borrow a phrase from the Phillies’ fans — why can’t us?” And so, after blogging about the idea a couple of times, Ramsay has begun in earnest a campaign called “Bring Your A’s Game” (currently a Facebook group, though soon to be its own website). The idea is simple — as steeped as they are in the City’s history, it’d be great to have the A’s back. Now, of course, you know the obvious question: Can Philly support two baseball teams in this fractured sporting age? Ramsay is resolute: “I do! Connie Mack Stadium [where the A’s played at the end of their time here] had a capacity of about 30K, and I think that Philadelphia doesn’t get credit for its television reach,” he says. “It’s the largest TV market that doesn’t have two teams.” Translation: If you create an advertising platform, they — the dollars, that is — will come. But will the fans? Hard to say. And finally, if we somehow did get the A’s back, does this mean that Philebrity could see its longstanding dream of the Eagles being sold off and exiled, with baseball becoming top dog in Philly sports and two teams to love/abuse? “A man can dream,” says Ramsay. Indeed. A man can dream.

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  1. J T. Ramsay Says:

    If anyone’s interested in helping me design and launch the site, please get in touch!

  2. tsarstruck Says:

    As a Philly-born-and-raised Mets fan (the 5-year-old heart wants what the 5-year-old heart wants), I highly support this idea. A Philly-based team that I can get behind without undermining the Mets? That simultaneously undermines the financial underpinnings of the Phillies? Count me in.

  3. Larry Says:

    That’s a solid argument!

    Hell, I’ll help out if possible.

  4. J T. Ramsay Says:

    Also, for all the Philly-based Yankees fans (I’m looking @gruber here; does he read this?), it’s a boon!

  5. Christopher Wink Says:

    No link love for Geekadelphia?



  6. J T. Ramsay Says:

    I’m blushing. Seriously, this is a movement for anyone who loves baseball and Philadelphia. I love my Phillies, but I wouldn’t want to see the A’s fall further into obscurity.

  7. Matt B Says:

    Behind this 100%. As a transplant from another NL town, I can only reservedly support the Phils.

    If the divisions would be realigned to move the team into the AL East, then countless games against the Yanks and Sox would provide lots of media exposure and demand for tickets, too.

  8. J T. Ramsay Says:

    Agreed, Matt B. Something has to be done to fix what ails the AL West and this could be part of the solution. The displaced Yankee fans and Red Sox Nation would do a great deal of heavy lifting.

  9. BenOnTen Says:

    Wow. in addition to being Philly’s go-to 80’s New Wave band The A’s also played baseball?!? Man, thats just incredib…Oh…Wait…

  10. chuck63 Says:

    Ask any old-head in your family and they will tell you that the wrong team left town. Up until the inglorious last couple of years in the 50s (coupled with the arrival of the Whiz Kids), the Athletics OWNED baseball in this city. And, not for nothing, some folks still hold on to the dream: http://www.philadelphiaathletics.org/museum.html

  11. bmurray Says:

    I’m feeling some “whatever makes it tougher for the Phils” here. What city are you people living in? More baseball can be nothing but good, why does it have to be an undermining thing? (Geez, you sure you’re not from here? Tsk, such negativity.) My grandfather in his twilight years used to fondly recall, to prove he was still spry, the starting lineups in order of the 1920’s Athletics he grew up with, so I’m all for bringing them home.

  12. spaghetti_eddie Says:

    This might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Sorry, but it is.

  13. mbuddy Says:

    A’s ALL THE FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!

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