Quite Possibly The Coolest Thing We Have Ever Seen: The Art Of Miwa Matreyek

Miwa Matreyek is a contemporary video performance artist from California who blends animation, projected arts and live performance into this fantastic form that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Think of her, perhaps, as a Lotte Reiniger for our time. Ever since blowing minds with her CalArts Experimental Animation thesis project, Matreyek has been creating animated short films as well as works that integrate animation and live performance/installation via projection. And this Sunday, her work will see its Philadelphia premiere with two screening-performances at Space 1026 courtesy of local filmmaker Ted Passon‘s Small Change Film Screenings. “Miwa Matreyek literally steps in to the fantastical world of her animations,” says Passon. “Overlapping her live shadow with projected video, she seamlessly transforms the routine activities of modern life into a surreal exploration of city, self, and discovery.” It’s really something to see. After the jump, event info and a sneak peek at Matreyek in action. Trust us, this is beautiful eye candy that a person like you deserves.

Myth and Infrastructure 4 minute excerpts from miwa matreyek on Vimeo.

Miwa Matreyek, Sun., July 18, Space 1026, 1026 Arch St. 2nd floor: 8:30pm first show; 9:30pm second show (repeat performance). $6.00. Click here for Facebook invite.

5 Responses to “Quite Possibly The Coolest Thing We Have Ever Seen: The Art Of Miwa Matreyek”

  1. tedp Says:

    It is still as awesome as this post says it is though!

  2. tips Says:

    Pardon the error! Post corrected.

  3. tedp Says:

    Actually I just realized that the mistake was also on our website! So I think we were to blame.

  4. Rob N Says:

    I liked it the first time when a Frenchman did it and it was called Fantastic Planet.

  5. tedp Says:

    Rene Laloux never performed live with “Fantastic Planet” -integrating himself into the narrative as Matreyek does with her work. The comparison is no relevant other than that they are both “Fantastic”. Apples to oranges.

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