MP3 Of The Moment: Birdie Busch, “City Of Brotherly Love”

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We’ve always thought of Birdie Busch as a kind of young journey-woman singer-songwriter, a Laura Nyro or Joni Mitchell type existing in this awful new world where “Artists & Repetoire” development no longer exists, and as a result, you’re either a star the first time you upload an mp3 onto the web, or you toil in obscurity, and wind up with the same results either way. But Birdie Busch has instead used her immediate surroundings as her A&R guy, and she’s making fine lemonade out of those lemons, thank you. Steadily raising her profile over the last few months, she cut a memorable figure during her quick stint with the Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society — a band of East Coast indie types gathered for the sole purpose of playing Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk — and her new EP, Everyone Will Take You In, released to coincide with her appearance this weekend at the WXPN Xponential Music Festival. Everyone Will Take You In‘s two key tracks (available on a seven-inch) key in directly on Philly: The a-side is “Joey,” an ode to Joey Vento and all who sail in him that’s so good we’re doing everything we can to force you to buy it (BUY IT), with the flip being this cover of “City Of Brotherly Love” by the Soul Survivors. And where the Survivors’ original had a flavor of mass-market hippie-dippie cloying — it’s almost a novelty song — in Busch’s hands, it’s sweet and undulating, with just the right kind of wink.

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  1. John V. Says:

    Nicely put!

    Those who are in the neighborhood, take note: Bird’s spinning downstairs at Johnny Brenda’s, tonight at 8. She’s DJ Slow Poke.

  2. tsarstruck Says:

    Agreed. Great track.

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