Wawa Welcome America Parade To Feature A Bunch Of Gay Dudes Who Didn’t Make The Cut For That One Madonna Video With The Cowboys

Via Twitterer @ThePhaggot (not us, we swear), The Resident Philebrity Gay has learned that America’s Got Talent Season 3 runner-up DC Cowboys Dance Company will be a headliner for the Independence Day Parade on July 4, providing a sort of relevant-ten-years-ago gaygaygay prelude to the relevant-ten-years-ago Goo Goo Dolls concert on the Parkway later that night. Now, don’t get it twisted — we for reals got the requisite semi during the spit-on-it tent scene in Brokeback Mountain, but this thing with the dancing muscle gays in cowboy hats and sleeveless western shirts is more of the same late 20th century pop schmaltz that Wawa Welcome America seems intent on serving us this year like a bag of Shorti Rolls way past its Use-By date. If you feel you must see DC Cowboys Dance Company’s “trademark combo of Broadway-caliber verve, sizzling sex appeal, and rugged good looks,” go see them perform the night before at the William Way Community Center for the Philadelphia FIGHT fundraiser – at least it’s for a good cause and possibly air conditioned.

Or, just watch this:

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  • http://www.google.com/profiles/seratide dx

    those dudes must have the greatest agent ever.

  • phillygoat

    OK, here’s my question: with “gay cowboy” as much of a fashion target or stereotype as it is, how come the best use of the, I shit you not, one-time Stetson hat factory with the words STETSON in it’s fabulous 19th century facade IN THE HEART OF THE GAYBORHOOD on Sansom street is a sushi restaurant?